Englische Programme

Dine & Chant

Enjoy an exquisite Vienniese Dinner and listen to the Ballads, Kitchensongs, Moritats and the famous Vienniese Songs, sung and told by the Austro-American actress Elisabeth-Joe Harriet.
This unforgettable evening of dining and entertainment will give you a humourous impression of  „good ol‘ Vienna“ that still exists nowadays donating outstanding charms to this city.

Love and war

Ballads, Songs and Stories about frightful and touching events from the Middle Ages to the Present presented by the Austro-American actress and singer Elisabeth-Joe Harriet.
When Arnold Schwarzenegger opened the „Grazer Zeughaus-Exhibition“ at the de Young Museum in San Francisco,
Elisabeth-Joe Harriet was the one to put „Love and War“ into scene by presenting a programme that spans from the medieval ballad and the renaissance love-song to the baroque poetry, the kitchensongs and the present Austrian and German literature. Ms Harriet will sing and entertain you with her guitar.
„Known as one of the finest interpreters not only of her own lyrics and writings, but also of the classical literary repertoire, Elisabeth-Joe Harriet radiates personality, talent and know-how whether she sings, recites, or acts.“ (Washington Journal)

Austrian Advent

christmas stories – seasonal songs
candlelight – advent wreath – aroma of gingerbread

The Austro-American actress, singer and entertainer Elisabeth-Joe Harriet has translated the most famous Austrian Christmas Story Book „It Came Upon“ by Karl Heinrich Waggerl.

Between the four charming stories
„Why the Moor King Melchior Became So Happy“
„What the Christ Child Had to Smile About“
„The Robber Horrificus and His Dance“
„The Stubborn Mule and the Sweet Thistle“

Ms Harriet and some children will sing Austrian Christmas carols accompanying themselves on the guitar and folk-percussion instruments.

History of  the Viennese Theatre

The Viennese theatre and its development is a very special one. Except to the time of the baroque it never really was influenced by dramatic main streams but very specially characterized by the Viennese people itself.

In this programme Ms. Harriet will give you an impression of the unseparable combination of the Viennese soul and its theatre. And she will recite and sing some very typical and famous scenes and couplets from various Viennese stage-plays.